2016 Rovinj Prepares

Rovinj is now preparing for the onslaught of visitors to this captivating Istrian town.

The sound of drills and hammers are still resounding around the town but diminishing each day and you can sense a feeling of tension in the workers as they are closing in on their deadlines, and sometimes passed them! Rovinj restaurants are getting a facelift and apartments too, some are new renovations from previously empty shells, soon to be shiny new accommodation for tourists from around the world.

Restaurant Renovation - Central Rovinj
Restaurant Renovation - Central Rovinj
Renovating a 1st Floor Apartment - Rovinj
Renovating a 1st Floor Apartment - Rovinj

But it’s not been without its mishaps. Back in early March we saw a freak storm hit our shores and it was a whopper by our standards. Some said this kind of storm happens once every 20 years, some say 30 years, but one thing is sure, it can take its time before it returns to Rovinj!

The devastation was colossal and a walk along the front to see the effects was quite shocking. Pieces of boats were everywhere and the tide seemed to be collecting them up and depositing them against the sea wall. One boat was ‘dismantled’ as the hull was separated from the superstructure, both ending around 200m apart. The force of the storm was such that many of the hefty stones making up the harbor wall had been moved, as if the sea had played with pieces of Lego. In the car park, every car was out of place, moved by the ferocity of the storm

The storm lasted an hour and then the sun came out and the sea was calm, as if it was asking ‘what is all the fuss about?

See the following videos and you’ll get some idea of what the storm did for the Rovinj preparations.

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